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Courses Offered At Healing Academy

5 Day Workshop - Maui, HI

February 15-19th, 2016

In this course you will learn:

  • How to correct herniate / slipped disc
  • How to correct carpal tunnel
  • How to correct joint pain
  • How to correct chronic and acute pain
  • How to treat a patient for pre/post surgery
  • Learn how to get out of your head so you can hear what the body needs
  • and much more...


Brian Whitehead

Spots are very limited.
To register call Tanmayo: 808-283-6888

5 Day Massage Therapy Course For Everyone

I am offering a 5 day workshop for anyone who is interested in giving an awesome massage to their partner or client. What you will learn:
  • How to alleviate muscle pain and headaches

  • Release stress and tension in the body

  • Relaxation and Therapeutic massage

  • How to perform massage without getting tired

  • Basic storks I have modified

You will be able to help your partner with neck or back problems and bring healing to the body.

This course runs for 5 consecutive days, 6 hours per day.

Course Tuition: $850 per person (based on minimum class size of 4)

Note: This is Special Introductory Pricing and a bargain for therapeutic training by a well qualified, experienced Edgar Cayce/Reilly certified practitioner. You can learn more about the course instructor, Rev. Brian,
on this page.

Our next "Massage Therapy Course For Everyone" Dates: TBA


"Neck, Pec And Jaw" - Three Day Course Special Offer

I am now a offering a 3 day course for therapists who would like to improve their skills in the neck, pec and jaw region.

What you will learn in this 3 day course:

The "Neck, Pec, and Jaw" course runs for 3 consecutive days, 8 hours per day. In this course you will learn the following skills:
  • Therapeutic techniques for the Neck, Pec and Jaw that address headaches, whiplash, strokes, swallowing problems, TMJ, pain and lack of Range Of Movement (R.O.M.)

  • How to identify the root causes of these issues and how to fix them for good

  • How to fix T.M.J. issues and then team up with your local dentists - double or triple your income

  • Help people swallow pills and food easier, and breathe better

Once you become known for your expertise at relieving neck problems, your practice should increase 100-200% over a short period of time due to the high number of neck issues experienced by the public, as my own experience has shown. You will also want to develop relationships with local Physical Therapists who receive a lot of whiplash cases, and offer to receive the clients they have not been able to help. I have had great success treating Whiplash cases referred to me by PT's.

Our 3 day "Neck, Pec, and Jaw" course will teach you the skills to grow your business and help more people in ways you never imagined you could.

Course Tuition: $500 per person (based on minimum class size of 4)

Our next "Neck, Pec, and Jaw" Dates: TBA


MicroCurrent Therapy Training

MicroCurrent therapy for infections, injuries, broken bones, disease, virus, pain, and much more. Purchase of MicroCurrent necessary ($9,750). Please see our MicroCurrent Therapy page for detailed information about this exciting healing modality.

Age Reversal And Rejuvenation

Anti-Aging and non surgical face lifts (Age-reversal 10-25 years), breast and buttocks lifts. Purchase of MicroCurrent necessary ($9,750). You can find more information about Anti-Aging therapy using MicroCurrent right here.

To reserve your position and arrange payment for any of the above healing courses,
please refer to our contact page.

Please bookmark this page to check for more healing courses to be offered in the near future.


Rev Brian

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